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'Everyone has their own groove': Mum's 32kg post-partum weight loss

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A Perth mother has shared online how she lost a staggering 32kg in the year following the birth of her son.

Mother of one, Ely Fisher went from 55kg to 87kg during the duration of her pregnancy and initially struggled to lose the weight after giving birth.

After shedding 32kg, the 26-year-old is now looking to help others who are struggling to shift baby weight – sharing her journey and post-partum weight loss tips with FEMAIL.

I thought I would share this one, as it’s come to my attention that sometimes people can take my weight loss journey as one that was easy and fast. One that must of involved trickery or mine was just a special case. When for me, 2017-2018 the first year of properly working out and learning to exercise, was one of the most trying and rewarding and NORMAL weight loss journeys, I could of ever been on. So I thought I’d share a clearer progress collage over the first 2 years POST PARTUM of me vs the normal 2 photo progress shots I post, in hopes that it might bring hope to those that either, feel they aren’t seeing any difference, to those that feel like the end goal is soooo far away, making it hard for them to even start. . The Ely Fisher, pictured at 16months PP clearly doesn’t feel like she’s seeing much difference in the mirror, but looking at the 11month PP photo, and the 16 month photo, the difference is definitely obvious. Every road to self love and self care, is different!! All I can say is keep pushing & keep fighting. Whether your looking at more of a 1 year BBG @sweat transformation, a 6 month transformation or a 3 month transformation, if you just keep moving and just keep trying, you WILL reach your goal, and it will come around a lot faster then you think, if you commit to yourself!! . Also on a side note, I ended up having an iron infusion the week of Oceans 1st Birthday (note this was when I FULLY committed to the BBG programme) and it helped me soooo much. My fatigue was really severe and it was affecting my ability to exercise consistently. As soon as I had my levels checked and sorted, it definitely aided in my ability to keep momentum. A common postpartum issue I wish I’d checked sooner. Let me know where your at in your journey below!! I’d love to encourage you if I’m able🧡💕❤️

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1. Personalise it

For the motivated mum, one of the most important parts of her weight loss regime was making sure it was tailored to fit her lifestyle.


“Everyone has their own groove, their own style, and their own personality to work with,” she told FEMAIL.

“In my mind, I needed a reward to help me to get through my exercise. So what I’d do was count calories throughout the day so that I could eat whatever I wanted for dinner.

“I’d have a jam-packed fruit and veg smoothie with protein and milk for breakfast, alongside a black coffee or espresso. Then I’d have similar for lunch and snack on boiled eggs and string cheese.”

The popular Perth-based Instagrammer would then use up the rest of her daily calories for dinner, which she considered her treat meal.

“It worked wonders for me,” she said. “I was eating a healthy amount of calories, I wasn’t tired and I looked forward to the end of the day.”

Ely also noted that what she was putting in her body during pregnancy was leading to an intake of around 3000 calories per day – which worked out to be more than double the recommended amount for a woman of her height.

“I learned quickly I should probably stop drinking three huge milky sugary syruped coffees each day,” Ely explained.

2. Find balance

As with so many things in life, Ely found that when it came to working out it was all about balance.

“To lose weight fast, you don’t need to be working out every day or lifting and running and lifting and running the whole week,” she said.

“In fact, it all comes down to how hard you go for it when you do.”

For the first six months after giving birth, Ely did nothing but three 30-minute plyometric bodyweight workouts each week at home.

LOOSE SKIN!!! I’m was actually super nervous about posting this! HOWEVER I have had sooo many questions and DMs about my stomach and whether I had surgery to rid the loose skin because I’m toned in my before and after post!! I don’t like to pretend. I prefer authenticity over painting a pretty picture! I could easily say oh no I don’t have lose skin anymore, because I can pose most of the time without it showing BUT I do have lose skin, it’s definitely there, becoming more obvious when I move a certain way or push/pull at it. . This is me, the actual morning I posted my progress photo. I wasn’t tensing my abs here or posing, however, this pose definitely wasn’t a flattering one 🤣 However now, I find it to be a PERFECT photo showing off my mumma skin. One I can use to show all of my beautiful followers, that I DO indeed still have loose skin! My belly was HUGE during pregnancy! Ofcourse I was going to. I haven’t had surgery or any work done to reduce my loose skin or cellulite. BUT my weight loss has made me WAYYY more secure about it. I’m proud of what it represents! So here it is! In its finest form 🤣 . Now on another not the CELLULITE difference in my before and after, is something that HONESTLY blew my mind throughout my journey. Its slow demise made me super happy!! It began the more active I became and the more EXPLOSIVE my workouts got such as jump squats, jump lunges, tuck jumps, burpees. . All in all! Loose skin is totally a thing. Weight loss didn’t fix it, BUT it did help me to embrace it. All mums or big weight loss winners – have it! Some worse then others! But you win every time you love it and accept it and move with it. Mine isn’t always noticeable, only when I push it or twist or hold Ocean! But it’s there and it’s me! 🤷🏽‍♀️😍 #loveyourself 😍❤️💕🧡

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“I’m talking push-ups, burpees and jump squats,” she said. “I didn’t even walk at the start!”.

“But if you do four 15-minute sessions each week, but go as hard as you can during those 15 minutes, you will see results and quickly.”

Ely also swears by the highly popular Kayla Itsines BBG programme.

“Steadily, my weight began to fall off,” she said. “So slowly I built up my stamina so I could add in a walk here and there”.

OKAY!!!!! Let’s talk A DAY on the plate!!! Goodness my inbox has been flooded with this question, among others.. what did you eat to lose your weight? What do you eat now? Did you go caloric deficit! I want to answer alll of you!! . I eat high fats, high protein & around 20% slow release carbs & let’s be honest I’m not CRAZY strict on myself! I still eat chocolate & drink wine 😍 I just kept my self accountable at the start with tips below. . SOO I did count my calories in the beginning to educate myself on how much I was consuming.. and well, let’s just say I was consuming 3000+ calories a day. No wonder my newly gained 30kg from pregnancy didn’t just FALL off me when I started breast feeding 🤣 So I tracked my eating for a solid 3 months to keep myself accountable as I learned about food and what my body responded well to 🙌🏽 . I also do intermittent fasting now! Not in the beginning though🧡👍🏼 . Here’s one of my day’s in a nutshell!! Remember PROTEIN FILLS YOU UP, FATS GIVE YOU ENERGY & CARBS ARE YOUR FRIEND! just use them right (straight after a workout or a few hours before beddie byes) ps I’m not talking about sugar carbs haha! . BREAKFAST : 4 eggs scrambled (protein) (by themselves or with a dash of water) with salt and half an avocado (fats) or a teaspoon of healthy peanut butter (fats) and ofcourse a coffee – a Long Black (Americano) with a dash of pouring cream! MORNING TEA (protein shake) usually I work out between brekkie and morning tea, so I have my shake after my workout, with either some fruit or some crackers and dip . LUNCH: A NOURISH BOWL (now imagine me singing NOURISH BOWL in my oprah voice) – it’s a fav! Poached egg, strips of chicken breast fried in garlic salt, cucumber, tomato, avo, onion, chia seeds, nuts and superfood salad mix from Coles (my grocery store) with either Kewpie mayo or a dressing of my choosing. . ARVO SNACK: Greek yogurt and honey or one boiled egg and fruit . DINNER: Roasted chicken legs or pork roast with oven baked sweet potato, zucchini, onions and carrots and lots of salt and pepper. I’m salt crazy 🤣 . Hope that’s answered some things!! If you have jumper Q’s post below 👇🏽👇🏽 or any quick easy recipes 💕🧡

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3. Banish guilt

Finally, after losing 30kg, Ely found the importance of not letting guilt get to you if you fall off the wagon or don’t lose weight as fast as you would like.

“I used to feel that if I messed up in my diet or missed a workout that I was useless and I felt guilty,” she said.

“But I found that when I was more relaxed towards my weight-loss journey, when I accepted that I might not get there as fast I would ideally like, that is when the pressure came right off.”

Ely also found that the less stress she put on herself, the more weight she lost and the more joy she gained from her workouts.

“I’ve just hit 57kg and it’s been more than a year since I started my journey. I’ve also learned to love myself.

“I truly believe exercising and committing to yourself and your body is one of the most therapeutic and empowering journeys anybody can go on. I am happier about my body than I’ve ever been before. “

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