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Classes help At Work participants learn about healthy eating

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This year, Fittest Loser At Work participants took advantage of several classes to assist with their healthy eating habits.

Jewel-Osco hosted guided tours with registered dietitians Samantha Wolfe and Melissa O’Brien to help make routine shopping trips easier and healthier.

Participants also took advantage of live cooking demonstrations at Cooking Skills Academy to learn preparation techniques, healthy alternatives, easy meal options, and how to meal prep for the week.

Monique Costello of Happy Eats Healthy hosted a webinar to discuss inflammation basics, including what inflammation is; what foods cause and reduce inflammation; and nonfood tactics to fight inflammation.

At Work participants have been making lifestyle changes using the valuable tips learned from these classes and are now celebrating the rewards.

Brenda Piscopo of Elk Grove Village Park District’s Elk Strong was feeling slightly discouraged because she hasn’t seen as much weight loss as she hoped, but after a visit to her endocrinologist, she is now celebrating.

Brenda’s team captain Aileen Tischauser says, “They tested her A1c and it had gone down to a number lower than it has ever been. They lowered her insulin because of this! Along with the A1c, her blood pressure also was well within the norm. We attribute this all to portion control and eating slower.”

Other participants are celebrating changes in their health with cholesterol and blood pressure results returning to optimal levels.

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