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Advice from the pros: 3 tips for succeeding as a health systems strengthening expert

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Zana Somda working in the field as a health systems strengthening expert. Photo from: personal collection

Health systems strengthening experts are key contributors to global development. They work across disciplines to identify and implement change and improvement in a country’s health system.

Devex spoke with Zana Somda, an independent consultant with 12 years’ experience in health systems strengthening and over 25 years’ experience in global development. He has worked extensively with the Palladium Group, U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and Population Services International.  

Somda shared insights and key tips with Devex on how to succeed as a health systems strengthening expert.

1. Integrate into the local context

“What has been helpful for me is collaborative work with the national and local population,” Somda explained, “to really have an idea of the health situation in a local context.”

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