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How This Woman Gained 10kg And Stayed The Exact Same Size

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Consider this post proof your self-worth should never be measured by the number on the scales.

Earlier this week, UK fitness blogger Victoria Winterford took to Instagram to share a side-by-side snap of her body transformation. But unlike the before-and-after pics we’re used to seeing, this one had a twist: 

Not only had she gained 10 kilos, she’d stayed the exact same size.

“How??” she asked in the caption. “Yep that little thing we call muscle.”

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“Muscle is actually much denser than fat so when you gain muscle you will in turn gain weight too!!”

“We all get so paranoid over those numbers,” she continued. “We let it control us, how we train, how much we should be eating… when really we need to be focusing on how we LOOK and how we FEEL!”

Speaking with Health, Victoria admitted she’d struggled to maintain healthy habits in the past and as a result, became “very underweight.”

“I would restrict myself from eating too many calories, obsessed with weighing myself in case I put on weight and definitely overtrained my body. I was very body conscious and always wanted to look like someone else.”

Now that she’s learned how to find balance with her diet and exercise regime, she hopes her message will inspire others to change their perception of themselves.

“The pressures of social media these days make people think they have to look a certain way, [but] realistically we should just be the best version of ourselves no matter what,” she added.

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