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Guna Nutraceuticals releases seven unique botanical supplements on RevNutrition.com

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BOCA RATON, Fla., June 14, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Guna Nutraceuticals is bringing its top-selling botanical supplements to e-commerce site RevNutrition.com, including its Gut Support for intestinal health, Optimal Iron for iron deficiency and Integral Probiotics for digestive tract flora rebalance, among others.

Guna Nutraceuticals was founded on decades of experience with natural medicines, refining formulas with advanced nutrient profiles for overall health and to ensure proper nutrient supplementation. Each product contains carefully selected botanical or probiotic ingredients, chosen for bioavailability and quality profile.

“We’ve developed Guna Nutraceuticals to help U.S. consumers maintain optimal heath condition,” Guna President Alessandro Pizzoccaro said. “We believe a healthy lifestyle and appropriate nutrition, with supplementation of nutrients when needed, is key for living healthier and longer.”

Guna Nutraceuticals is a division of Guna Inc., which itself is a subsidiary of Guna, an Italian leader of manufacturing pharmaceuticals. Guna produces more than 70 FDA listed products, and distributes to more than 30 countries.

All Guna products are made using the highest quality standards, including GMP certification and FDA compliance. The three top-selling Guna Nutraceutical products are the Gut Support, Integral Probiotics and Optimal Iron.

“Gut Support is a unique combination of extracts from Noni juice and bovine colostrum, a type of cow milk particularly rich in nutrients,” Pizzoccaro said.  “It comes in single-dose handy packets that dissolve in the mouth without water, to quickly restore intestinal wellbeing and help maintain optimal immunity. It tastes good, and it is suitable for the whole family.”

Integral Probiotics are an exclusive probiotic with six strains and fiber for a complete intestinal flora rebalance. It is free of gluten and allergens, making it suitable even for the most sensitive subjects, according to Pizzoccaro.

Guna Nutraceuticals will add the following items to RevNutrition.com: Gut Support, Optimal Iron, Integral Probiotics, Omega Source, Breathe Easy, Proper pH Balance and Brain Booster. All Guna Nutraceuticals are non-GMO and gluten free, with the exception of Omega Source.

For more information on Guna Nutraceuticals, coming soon to www.revnutrition.com, visit www.guna.com.  

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