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Peel Health offers tips to keep your cool this summer

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Now that summer has finally arrived, Peel Health is offering some advice to help residents keep their cool.

“During the summer, and especially during heat events, we encourage our residents to take steps to keep cool, and check-in on friends, family and neighbours who may be vulnerable,” says Peel Medical Officer of Health Dr. Jessica Hopkins, in a press release.

“In particular, some residents with the greatest risks of heat-related illness are infants and young children, seniors, people with chronic diseases and those who are experiencing homelessness,” Hopkins added.

Dave Phillips, senior climatologist with Environment Canada, says this summer will be hotter than normal in all provinces.

Peel Health issues heat warnings when there are at least two days of high temperatures or humidity — putting people at greater risk of heat-related illnesses. Signs of heat-related illness include: rapid breathing and heartbeat, dizziness or fainting, vomiting, extreme thirst, decreased urination, and unusually dark yellow urine.

People experiencing any of these ill effects should cool off as soon as possible by moving to a shaded or air-conditioned area, increasing fluid intake and resting. If the symptoms persist, Peel Health advises people to seek medical attention.

Heat stroke is a more serious condition characterized by high body temperature, confusion, loss of consciousness, and/or the absence of sweating. If someone is exhibiting these signs, people should call 911 immediately.

Residents can prevent heat-related illnesses by following these tips:

• drink plenty of fluids, preferably water;

• avoid strenuous activities between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. when the sun is at its hottest;

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