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Best supplements for weight loss: How to know you've found the right one

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Supplements have grown increasingly popular over the years and there’s a variety available on the market recommended by experts for different health needs.

Those looking for the best supplement to aid weight loss need to make sure they’re already doing everything right.

All health bodies and experts advise that exercise and healthy eating are the best way to lose weight, and a supplement should only enhance your weight loss plan.

So once you’ve undertaken the right regime for you, what’s the best supplement for weight loss?

Holland and Barrett says there are five things to remember when buying the right weight loss supplement.

The first, is make sure it has a clear ingredients list with no confusing ingredients.

Secondly, make sure you understand everything on the label.

Thirdly, make sure none of the ingredients give you any side effects like sleeplessness or an upset stomach.

Fourthly, make sure it gives you a gentle boost of energy for your workouts.

Finally, make sure you notice that you feel less hungry and able to manage your fat loss diet better.

The high street health store adds: “Be sure to look at the ingredients list so you know you are not intolerant to any of the ingredients.

“Fat loss products contain thermogenic aids and caffeine. So if you know that any of these ingredients affect your digestion, mood, or sleep, find a more suitable product.

“Take extra care to use the right dose per day, and take the product with food and water as directed.

“Choose from a store and a brand you trust. And make sure the product is all-natural.”

One health benefit supplements can be used for is mosquito bites.

Dr Andrew Thornber, chief medical officer at Now Patient, says taking vitamin B12 before you travel can help prevent them.

Vitamin B12 is a nutrient that helps keep the body’s nerve and blood cells healthy and helps make DNA.

Dr Thornber said this is worth taking a few weeks before you travel overseas.

He added: “There is some research to indicate that taking vitamin B complex tablets a few weeks before you away, can help prevent mosquito bites.”

What are the best supplements for men? Vitamin D, vitamin B12, magnesium, potassium, and omega-3 fish oil are among the ranks.

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