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Health Tips 3 common sex injuries and how to treat it

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  • Bruised cervix

If a woman has sex with a man with an abnormally large penis, or sex is way too rough, the penis can touch and bruise the cervix. Women will often feel abdominal pain and even notice some bleeding if this occurs.

What to do

When it happens, the couple has to refrain from having sex for a little bit. The woman can also see a doctor for some medications to deal with the pain.

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  • Vaginal Tearing

Vaginal tearing is just the term for tiny little cuts in the vagina that occur during sex. These can cause a burning sensation when you urinate, or just general tingling down there.

What to do

Always engage in foreplay before the main act. Vaginal tearing often happens because you’re not lubricated enough for penetration. Always see a doctor if you’re extremely dry down there.

  • A penis fracture

A penis can’t actually break because it’s not a bone. It usually happens during adventurous sex positions when the penis is fully erected. Also, if a large object falls on a penis or it is bent rapidly in one direction, the blood vessels can break. And this is extremely painful.

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What to do

If this happens to your partner, go to the emergency room immediately. Your doctor will most likely have to perform surgery. If a penis fracture is not treated right away, the man can lose his ability to have future erections.

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