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Gardendale rezoning plans aimed at removing portable classrooms

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Snow Rogers Elementary. (Source: WBRC video)


Chris McAnnaly’s girls have Celiac disease. They’re hypersensitive to foods with gluten.

As a result, they have a specialized education and diet plan that took about a year to create at their school, Gardendale Elementary.

“It’s been a great experience. We’ve built a lot of really good relationships with the principal, the vice principal,” McAnnaly says.

But he’s concerned about how that will be affected once the girls begin attending Snow Rogers Elementary as part of a new rezoning plan.

“And then this being sprung on you last notice, it does make you a little insecure as far as what’s going on as far as the way information is being translated,” McAnnaly says.

In an effort to remove portable classrooms at Gardendale Elementary, Superintendent Craig Pouncey wants to rezone 223 students to Snow Rogers. 

It would start this fall with 40 students who volunteer to transfer.

The change would affect the rest of the students in the 2019-2020 school year. 

McAnnaly says he understands it’s better and safer for children to learn inside an actual school building and his family loves Gardendale so they’ll go with the flow regardless of the changes.

“But one thing that’s aggravating to me is if Gardendale was able to get its own school system, we would not have had to worry about this. This would have resolved this issue,” McAnnaly says.

Snow Rogers will add classrooms and increase the lunchroom size to accommodate the influx of new students.

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