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6 tips to start your road to fitness and boost your mood and heart health

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Start each morning in motion. Before even brushing my teeth, I do some jumping jacks. Start with five or 10; add a few each day. Your metabolism is now officially revved.

Set aside 10 minutes each day. Walk down the street for five; turn around and walk home. If  you like that, then do it again a few hours later. Aim to do that three times a day or all in one fell swoop. But again, just take one step at a time.

Eventually you can speed it up a little, maybe walking one block quickly, one block slowly. Put it on your calendar just like any appointment. You’ll develop a habit, and you’ll find yourself getting antsy if you miss it. I promise.

Find what you like. Walk in the water at your neighborhood pool or gym. Take your dog around the block. Dance. Ride your bike. Just because your neighbor likes jogging doesn’t mean you have to, too.

Savor the moments. Turn off your phone and enjoy this time just for you. 

March in place during commercials or while your coffee reheats. So what if your kids laugh at you? Who cares? Light a fire under their bottoms, too, so they’ll join you.

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