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Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave Real Housewives Dramatic Body Pic | Lookbook – Bravo

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Professional accountability coach Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave is an expert at making sure her clients reach their goals. While it’s easy to think that The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills mama has always been as stunning as she is now (see her recent bikini pics to understand exactly what we’re talking about), she’s always been extremely open in revealing that things actually didn’t always come easily to her.

Just recently, she showed her followers that she actually looked different in the past, explaining that it took her five months of absolute commitment to “change her life.” Emphasizing that it was a lifestyle change and not a diet that allowed her to keep her weight off, she was super real in explaining that it takes hard work.

In a recent picture posted to Instagram, Teddi went even further in explaining what she meant by 100 percent commitment. The photo shows three side-by-side photos of the gorgeous coach in various stages of her life. The first shows her at the beginning of her weight loss journey in a bikini, the middle shows her looking much more toned, and the final one shows her complete transformation. There are some differences among the photos, but Teddi explains that the entire process actually took a lot of trial and error to achieve.

“I often get asked, “What does going All IN mean?” wrote Teddi in the emotional post. “It means giving completely to a sustainable lifestyle to keep yourself feeling your best. Photo 1 is 10/11 months after having Cruz. Photo 2 is me working out obsessively, drinking protein shakes and putting my body through chaos, not grasping what balance was. Photo 3 is after I went All IN; I finally found that balance: Eating clean foods; no protein shakes & processed junk. Staying active for an hour a day versus cramming in multiple training sessions, trying to create a body and mind that wasn’t healthy or sustainable. The key to making any goal for your life successful is commitment, balance and knowing what you truly want. Once you know what you want, work every day at it, but make sure you are setting yourself up for a #lifestylechange versus a crash diet. For more of my #fittips, please follow @goallinbyteddi.”

So, there you have it: No crash diets, and no crazy schemes. Just easy swaps and a diet you can maintain — which is an attitude we can totally get behind.

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