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Parenting tips: Is tough love the right and effective measure? – Times Now

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New Delhi: As parents, sometimes you have to not listen to your child and what he/she wants, but do what is actually right for them. If you keep fulfilling their wishes, no matter how unreasonable they are, and if they do not face the consequences of bad behaviour or breaking rules, they may become too ill-mannered – something that will be looked down upon all their lives after they grow up.

Tough love refers to loving your child enough to know what is right for them in the long run, and making a compromise with immediate happiness and pleasure to benefit in the future. READ – Parenting tips: How to stay connected with your child when you travel for work

How does tough love affect children?

Teenage children are the age group most parents have to practise tough love with. Children at this age start to develop an outlook towards life of their own and believe that their way or opinion is the only right one. When confronted with a contrary opinion, they may act out and throw tantrums or even misbehave. This is when a parent has to intervene and tell them that what they are doing is wrong and they need to make changes and if they don’t, there will be consequences. No matter how much they love their child, for their betterment and happiness in the future, parents have to teach them some lessons the hard way. READ – Parenting tips: How to help your teenage child deal with acne and its effects

What should parents take care of when practising tough love with their kids?

Parents need to be careful when they use tough love as a parenting mechanism for their kids.

Listen to them

Parents need to listen to their kids and understand where their opinion or view is coming from. Understanding the root of something may help parents tackle the problem better.

They may not always be wrong

Because of their recent behaviour, you may perceive everything they say as wrong or misguided. However, sometimes children, especially teenagers can have some really strong and good opinions about certain things. Make sure you give them credit for the times they are right.

Not an excuse for brutality

Tough love does not mean that parents can adopt anything and everything to discipline their child. Tough love is not an excuse for brutality and the distinction between tough love and any kind of physical or verbal abuse should be very clear in the minds of the parents.

Disclaimer: Tips and suggestions mentioned in the article are for general information purposes only and should not be construed as professional medical advice. Always consult your doctor or a professional healthcare provider if you have any specific questions about any medical matter.

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