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Weight loss: 3 science-backed tips to lose weight, cut belly fat and get a lean body – Times Now

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Weight loss: 3 tips to lose weight, cut belly fat and get a lean body that are backed up by science&nbsp | &nbspPhoto Credit:&nbspThinkstock

New Delhi: If you are on a weight loss diet, you need to follow the right diet and the right workout. However, knowing the right one is the real struggle that no one really talks about. You may hear that this works and that doesn’t, but you never surely know until there is enough evidence to support it.

If these diet and workout tips are proven by science, you can understand the reason behind them and also understand if they will work for you and your body type, and your body’s tendency to lose weight. Here are three tips for weight loss and their scientific reasons as to why they will definitely work to help you trim your waist and shed those pounds. Read – Weekend detox workout plan: 3 effective Pilates exercises to boost weight loss and reduce belly fat quickly

Lift weights three times a week for the right workout

The advice says that you must lift weights three to four times a week for the ideal workout to lose weight.

Scientific explanation: The scientific explanation behind this tip is that you not only burn a lot of calories when you lift weights but also prevent your metabolism from slowing down which happens as a result of dieting. Lifting weights on a low-carb diet can also help in building muscle while losing weight.

Eat lots of protein

One tip for weight loss is to eat a lot of protein-rich foods and incorporate them into your diet for weight loss.

Scientific explanation: Protein boosts metabolism and is known to reduce cravings that cause overeating. They help in controlling the calorie intake by reducing the appetite to snack considerably.

Eat lots of fruits and vegetables

A lot of fruits and vegetables that are low on carbs are the way to go for a weight loss diet. Read – Weight loss workout tips: Adding this 3-minute exercise to your daily routine will burn belly fat in 7 days

Scientific explanation: The body requires nutrients that it can get from fruits and vegetables, without messing with the calorie and carbohydrate intake decided for the weight loss diet that you are following.

Eat less sugar and starch

One final advice that people who are trying to lose weight get a lot is to eat less sugar and starch. Food items that contain high levels of sugar or starch should be avoided.

Scientific explanation: When you reduce the consumption of sugar and starch, your hunger levels reduce and help in controlling overeating. When there are no carbs available for energy, your body burns fat to produce energy, which helps in weight loss.

Disclaimer: Tips and suggestions mentioned in the article are for general information purpose only and should not be construed as professional medical advice. Always consult your doctor or a dietician before starting any fitness programme or making any changes to your diet.

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